At Verifiable our mission is to help people realize their full potential and connect abilities to opportunities. To do that we have developed an end-to-end SaaS platform to issue and manage credentials and a consumer wallet to store and share credentials. All of our credentials are issued via blockchain because it provides a new public infrastructure of trust, efficiency & ownership.

Verifiable enables Organizations of all types - associations, universities, e-learning platforms, and many more - to seamlessly issue digital credentials that are portable, easily shareable, trustworthy and universally verifiable.

Credentials issued on Verifiable:

  • can elevate your brand with custom designs that best represent your Organization
  • allow your brand to get more exposure as the recipients share their certificates with their network, creating new interest and leads
  • are universally verifiable in seconds using blockchain technology

For Individuals we provide a way to own and share your digital credentials and professional achievements to empower your career and life. Verifiable does this through 2 components: the Wallet and Tools.

Your Digital Wallet is where you store all your digital Certificates and Badges for maximum portability, ease of sharing and managing.

Credentials issued on Verifiable:

  • are digital records of skills and abilities to progress your career and open future opportunities
  • provide students with on-demand access to critical records of their accomplishments opening doors on their first steps in building careers
  • give you operational efficiency with more time to focus on building your business

We're passionate about helping you control your data and because of this, we've built a few apps, which we provide for free.

Data Breach Finder - check if your email was leaked in a data breach. Give Data Breach Finder a try and stay safe!

Password Scanner - ensure the passwords you are using are secure. Check the safety of your passwords here.

Sign up to start using Verifiable today or reach out to our support team with any questions or comments at [email protected].

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