Verifiable’s mission is to help you control your digital records to make your life more convenient and make you more successful. Our goal is to help you own and be able to share your digital credentials and professional achievements to empower your career and life. Verifiable does this through 2 components: the Wallet and Tools.


Your wallet is where you organize, share and control the securely stored records, and have full control when you share your records. New achievements and certificates can be added as they are awarded.


Organizations are able to seamlessly issue digital certificates and badges using blockchain technology for maximum authenticity and portability. Verifiable's interface allows you to issue, organize and manage digital accomplishments. You are also able to automate the process by connecting to your existing workflow. Certificates issued on Verifiable:

  • are universally verifiable using the blockchain technology
  • can elevate your brand with custom designs
  • allow recipients to verify their credentials in seconds
  • allow your brand to get more exposure as the recipients share their certificates with their network, creating new interest and leads.


We're passionate about helping you control your data and because of this, we built a few apps to help you, which we provide for free.

Identity Scanner - Find out what data about you is publicly available on the internet. Try it out right here and let us know what you think.

Data Breach Finder - Check if your email was leaked in a data breach . Give Data Breach Finder a try and stay safe!

Password Scanner - Ensure the passwords you are using are secure. Check the safety of your passwords here.

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