Adding a credential on blockchain ensures the highest standard of security and verifiability, making it impossible to tamper with. All certificates and badges issued on Verifiable are  anchored on Blockchain, which means any third party can verify it's authenticity and be absolutely sure that the credential is legitimate.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a ledger of all transactions executed. These transactions and data are stored in a distributed database. Since the data is stored across a global network of computers, there is no one central power that controls or can manipulate the data so once data is created on the blockchain it cannot be removed or overwritten.

How does verification work?

When you issue a credential on Verifiable it gets sent to a blockchain as a series of cryptographically secure numbers that represent the information (a hash) contained in the credential. When someone goes to verify the credential information it is checked against that hash to make sure it matches the original record.

Benefits of Blockchain

Issuing tamper-proof credentials is the first of many steps in our journey to empower organizations to seamlessly issue digital credentials, ensuring both portability and trustless verifiable integrity.

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