Verifiable enables organizations of all types - associations, universities, e-learning platforms, companies and many more - to easily issue digital credentials that are shareable, trustworthy and universally verifiable.

Types of Credentials

At Verifiable you can issue the following types of digital credentials, that are standards compliant, and blockchain-anchored for secure, immutable, portable, universally verifiable credentials:

  • Certificates - a digital version of a traditional hard copy of certificate;
  • Badges - a digital representation of an accomplishment.
  • Transcripts - a digital copy of student's permanent academic record.
  • Diplomas - a digital version of traditional statement of successful completion of an academic course.
  • Micro-credentials - digital recognition of a learned competency, skill or knowledge.

If you are interested in issuing a credential that is not listed above, please contact our team at [email protected].

How it works?


Design credentials using your brand and assets with our interactive credential builder or work with our team to design custom credentials. Responsive HTML allows the credential to smoothly fit desktop, mobile or tablet screens.


  • Responsive HTML to fit desktop, mobile or tablet screens
  • Cross-platform compatibility that supports all major standards
  • API integration lets you plug into your existing workflows and seamlessly issue credentials through Verifiable


All credentials issued with Verifiable are blockchain-anchored, which means they retain value of information, are tamper-proof and can be verified by anyone and anywhere in the world.


Manage credentials and users to provide access, revoke credentials and more. Automatic issuing process allows you to import your existing recipients to issue credentials in bulk or individually, and easily manage issued credentials.

ROI and Analytics

Analytics to track engagement, shares and overall activity with credentials. Easily track your business objectives, understand recipient behavior and track the right goals.

For more information send us an email at [email protected].

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