From the Credentials tab on your profile, click on the New Credential button to add a new credential. Click on the Certificate icon to create and issue a new Certificate.

Creating a Certificate

When adding a certificate choose from the possible layouts and click Next. From there you will be able to edit the design and personalize the look of your Certificate.

Add the information that will be displayed on the credential:


  • Credential title - This is the title that will appear on the Certificate.
  • Certificate text (Optional) - This is the information about the achievements represented by the certificate.
  • Signature - You are able to include or hide the signature of the issuer, change its font or upload the signature in PNG, JPEG or GIF format.
  • Issue/Expiration Date - here you will be able to hide or show the issue/expiration dates of the certificate that will be added in the Details section.


  • Expiration date - select the period after which this certificate will expire or choose Never Expires for certificates without an expiration date.
  • Description - this is the information about the credential and it's purpose.
  • Credential URL (optional) - link to the page on your website that explains how to earn the credential.
  • Requirements (optional) - information about how recipients can earn this credential.
  • Skills - this section includes which skills are needed to earn the credential.

Click Save and Close at the top of the page. You have now created a new Certificate.

Issuing your Certificate

Now that the Credential has been created, you are able to issue it to your recipients.
Hover over the Certificate you want to issue, and click on the Issue button.

Add recipients manually by entering their name and email address. To add the next recipient, simply hit Enter key on your keyboard.

Adding multiple recipients can be done in seconds by uploading a CSV file, simply click on the Upload Spreadsheet link.

Click Next button to Confirm and then Issue the credential to your recipients.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact [email protected]

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